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More on Y no pump

plastic bottle pumpEco-Nature Care™ is committed to using only what we need and we encourage you to do the same. We don’t use any superfluous ingredients in our products like added color and we apply the same minimized  philosophy to our packaging. You might have noticed that we don’t use bottles with pumps and other froufrou features because they really aren’t necessary. Both are bottles are caps are made of the same recyclable aluminum. This means that the cap and bottle can be easily recycled in one place.

Bottles with pumps and other components are much more complicated. The bottles may be recyclable but the springs, straw, and pump are not. Over time these excess pieces can really add up and end up in landfills. Continue reading

“A Day in the Life of a Recycled Can”

recycled-canI found a cool blurb about “A Day in the Life of a Recycled Can” at ThinkGreen.com and I thought that you might be interested. Our aluminum bottles and caps are just like thick beverage (soda, beer, even what some of you call “pop”) cans. The following is an excerpt from their website:

Aluminum Cans

On average, Americans drink one beverage from an aluminum can every day. But we recycle just over 50% of the cans we use. Continue reading